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My PickMicrosoft Internet Explorer 5.0

I have downloaded and updated my browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0. And I have to admit it is a truly wonderful program. From saving passwords to smoother faster surfing it's great! The only drawback is downloading the 8MB minimum program. I experienced servers not being found using a 33.6k modem. When I upgraded to a 56k modem the download went fine.
Update 11/28/1999 - As I have found out personally there are a few security holes in the Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0. program. If you choose to use IE 5.0 please download all of the security patches and updates available.
Update 12/5/2000 - Haven't tried Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.5 because I hear it is too buggy. I'll wait for the next one.

My PickNetscape Communicator 4.7

Tried 4.7, like it! Although Communicator does lock up, it doesn't lock up as much. The 128 bit security makes transactions on the internet safer. Overall it's a quality product! - 11/28/1999
Tried Netscape 6.0 - crashed too often  12/5/2000

My PickRead CNET Browser Reviews with links to downloadable browsers

My PickTry Opera it's small and great for older computers!

 Graphics Viewers

 My PickIrfanview by Irfan Skiljan

This program came to my attention from a fellow surfer. It is a great graphics browsing program! And it's freeware. - 11/28/1999

 Search Engines

 My Pick  Web Ferret by FerretSoft LLC

Tried it, liked it. Can't search without it. A personal search engine that searches in the background while you surf. If you search the net, A MUST!

 Windows Accelerator

My Pick SuperFassst! '98 by Acceleration Software

Is your hard disk slow in pulling up programs? If it is then this freebie is for you! It sped my hard disk up 150%. Worth a try! Click FREE DOWNLOADS on header line. Other free software too!

Memory Manager

My Pick Win RAM Turbo by Dale Robbins

Super Charge your computer's
Performance by running 
Memory Optimizer

"This program is always running when my computer is on" -Steve

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